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Elohim Headpiece System with Black Tassels
Elohim Headpiece System with Black Tassels

Elohim Headpiece System with Black Tassels


Elohim is a beautiful and versatile, stainless steel beaded and shelled headpiece.

Like all of our headpiece systems, Elohim is modular. It can be worn three different ways:

* As a solo crown.
* The crown can be worn upside down for a different look.
* Combined with detachable face adornments.

Comfortable and Functional

* All pieces easily clasp on and off. (For example, if you get tired on the dance floor you can remove the tassels and place them in your backpack and voila- lighten the weight immediately!) 
* The crown has an adjustable chain and clasp at center back that ensures a snug fit.
* Headband is lined in velvet ensuring comfort for hours.

Note: All of our pieces are handmade. That means hand beading, hand stitching, assembly, and packing. We take great care to ensure each piece is of the highest quality and makes its journey safely to you. Thus, we take the time to carefully finish and inspect each item and shipment takes place several days or weeks after order.  

Weight: 1.25 lbs
Shipping Weight: 2.5 lbs

Shipping Time: 7-14 days

For Expedited shipping, contact us with your order number immediately after ordering.  


Elohim Headpiece System with Black Tassels